Proven and reliable tool for profound car certificates

To take a car of a customer in payment, questions and uncertainties may pose: is the proposed purchase price really reasonable? Should the vehicle being sold to an end customer? Or is it wiser to make the car available for the export market? Again, the speedometer Spy is a professional decision-making tool. Because the device determines thanks to its sophisticated technology, the objective state of the used car. On the basis of our in-depth knowledge, you are able to decide objectively - either on the purchase price or about other possible options. .

The SpeedoSPY brings a revolution

No nasty surprises buying used cars

About 30 percent of used cars in Germany, according to experts, are sold with false mileage - the true figure is certainly much higher. The principle is simple: The speedometer trickster change instantly the mileage of the car and can therefore achieve a much higher price in the used car market. Take a look behind the facade: The speedometer Spy quickly and easily determine the realistic mileage of a car. If your expertise is not sufficient, the device evaluates the condition of the vehicle and the aggregates (engine, transmission, alternator, etc.) very accurate. It unmasks latent defects or deficiencies and explains,  which services and repairs are necessary in the near future.


More transparency for leasing companies and car rentals

Your company stands for trust and honesty? Then you can expect this from your customers! Save yourself future disappointments by odometer fraud and make an end to manipulated odometer readings. Whether car rental or leasing company - the speedometer Spy will help you to test the honesty and trust of your customers. Initially to get a good purchase price is not everything. Often the disappointment comes afterwards. This also applies to leasing companies and car rentals. Do not let con artists damaging your company's image: The speedometer Spy identifies black sheeps immediately. The device provides a solid proof of the actual condition of the vehicle - vaguely calculations and unreported cases due to manipulated odometer readings are now a thing of the past.


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Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf!


Nehmen Sie Kontakt mit uns auf!