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Who benefits from the technology of the speedometer Spy? Thanks to its in-depth diagnosis, the speedometer Spy is especially for car dealers, car buyers, assessors or leasing companies and car rental agencies of great benefits. And private customers can profit from this new technology as well. The use of the tachometer Spy is beneficial for everyone involved in the used car market. Because the device clears quickly and reliable about the real state and condition of the vehicle aggregates. When estimating the actual speedometer mileage from the measured degree of the wear, an accuracy of ± 10% or 10,000 km depending on the total mileage and maintenance can be achieved.

Put an end to speculation: The speedo-spy delivers you the facts. Who does not want to rely solely on the mileage display in your car, should receive a thorough analysis of the condition of the vehicle through speedo-spy. The unique new software delivers within minutes an objective picture. Especially in business applies: Trust is good, control is better!



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